Local SEO Checklist

On-Page SEO Elements

  • Optimize Your Meta Tags for Moving Services

    Make sure your tmeta tags, title and description, clearly mention moving services, along with the locations you serve, to improve search rankings.

  • Ensure Your URLs Reflect Your Moving Business

    Keep your website's URLs clean and straightforward, incorporating keywords relevant to moving services.

  • Compress Your Website Images

    Ensure images related to your moving services are optimized for quick loading, enhancing user experience.

  • Make Your Navigation Menu Moving-Friendly

    Structure your navigation menu to highlight moving service categories, making them easily discoverable by search engines.

  • Include Complete Location Details of Your Moving Company

    Feature a 'Contact Us' page with the Name, Address, and Phone number (NAP) for each of your moving company's locations. Be sure to embed your Google map.

  • Implement Structured Data Markup for Moving Services

    Use schema markup to describe your moving services, helping search engines understand and rank your site better.

  • Develop a Mobile-Friendly Website for Your Moving Company

    With mobile searches on the rise, ensure your moving company's website is mobile-friendly to improve rankings.

  • Maintain an Updated XML Sitemap for Your Moving Company Website

    An XML sitemap helps search engines easily find and index your moving services pages, boosting SEO.

  • Use 301 Redirects for Your Moving Company's Site Changes

    Redirect outdated URLs to new pages to retain traffic and prevent SEO loss when updating your moving company's website.

Off-Page SEO Elements

  • List Your Moving Company on Bing

    Create or claim your Bing Places listing to reach potential customers using Bing to find moving services.

  • Establish Your Moving Company on Relevant Social Platforms

    Identify which social media platforms your target customers use and establish a presence there to increase visibility.

  • Claim Your Yelp Listing for Your Moving Company

    Utilize Yelp to enhance your moving company's online presence and credibility through customer reviews.

  • Acquire Quality Backlinks for Your Moving Company

    Focus on getting backlinks from reputable sites related to moving and real estate to enhance your SEO efforts.

  • Ensure Your Moving Company Is Listed on Essential Directories

    Increase your moving company's online visibility by claiming listings on key business directories beyond Yelp.

  • Include Complete Location Details of Your Moving Company

    Feature a 'Contact Us' page with the Name, Address, and Phone number (NAP) for each of your moving company's locations.

Optimize For Google

  • Optimize Your Google Business Profile for Moving Services

    Ensure your Google Business Profile listing accurately represents your moving company, highlighting your services and locations.

  • Activate Google Analytics for Detailed Insights on Your Moving Website

    Use Google Analytics to understand how visitors interact with your moving company's website and optimize accordingly.

  • Post updates to Your Profile

    Build a connection to your website by posting your website content, specials and discounts to your profile.

  • Choose Your Business Categories Wisely

    Select appropriate primary and secondary categories like Moving Services then Packing and Storage to enhance visibility across a broader range of search terms.

  • Configure Google Search Console

    The Search Console will help keep track of your site’s organic search performance.

  • Upload photos and video

    Upload photos and video from your phone so that geotagged data are embedded.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

  • Actively Manage Customer Reviews and Testimonials

    Regularly monitor and respond to reviews on platforms like Yelp to engage with customers and improve your moving company's reputation.

  • Showcase Testimonials from Satisfied Moving Clients

    Display positive feedback from local clients to boost trust in your moving services.

  • Encourage More Reviews for Your Moving Services

    Strategize to increase positive reviews for your moving company to attract more customers through improved online ratings.

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