Website Launch Checklist

We've meticulously developed a 34-point digital marketing checklist, specifically designed to elevate your moving company's online presence. Whether you're launching a new website or optimizing an existing one, our comprehensive guide is your roadmap to digital success.


  1. Web copywriting has been proofread, focusing on moving, packing, and storage services. Spelling and grammar are correct.
  2. All links are working, guiding users to the right service pages.
  3. Formatting (paragraphs, headers, lists) correctly highlights services and offers.
  4. Copyright date includes the current year, showing the website is up-to-date.
  5. Contact details are accurate, ensuring customers can easily reach you.
  6. Generic content replaced with specific information about moving services.
  7. Images of moving trucks, packing services, and storage facilities are correctly placed and formatted for all devices.
  8. Videos showcasing moving processes, packing tips, or storage facilities are correctly placed.
  9. Audio files, if used, enhance the user's understanding of services.
  10. Premium content (case studies, testimonials) about successful moves is proofread and accessible.
  11. Proper licenses/citations for images, fonts, and content.


  1. Ensure compatibility across browsers and devices, focusing on easy navigation for service details.
  2. Optimized CSS/HTML, scripts, and images for fast loading times.
  3. Favicon reflects the moving company's brand.
  4. Paragraph styles efficiently display service descriptions and moving advice.


  1. Forms for quotes or service inquiries submit data correctly.
  2. Thank-you messages reassure users their inquiry has been received.
  3. Auto-responders confirm inquiry receipt and provide next steps or resources.
  4. Social media icons link to active company profiles, showcasing ongoing projects or tips.
  5. Feeds (news, social media) share latest company updates or moving tips.
  6. Integration with CRM or scheduling tools for efficient booking and customer management.


  1. Unique page titles and meta descriptions for services like moving, packing, and storage.
  2. Keywords relevant to moving services, local and long-distance moves.
  3. Alt tags for all images, helping in SEO and accessibility.
  4. XML sitemap includes all service pages and is submitted to search engines.
  5. Google Business Profile detailed and linked, enhancing local search visibility.


  1. Analytics codes installed to track user behavior on service pages.
  2. Funnels and goals set up to track conversions from inquiries to booked moves.


  1. Use Cloudflare or similar for security and performance.
  2. Backups ensure website recovery in case of issues.
  3. Secure storage for customer information and inquiries.


  1. Accessibility features support users with disabilities, ensuring everyone can access moving services information.
  2. Cookie policy and terms/privacy policies clearly communicated, respecting user data and privacy.
  3. PCI compliance if accepting payments online for bookings or services.
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