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How to Optimize Your Moving, Packing, & Storage Website for Maximum CONVERSION

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The list includes:

  1. 13 critical elements that enhance conversion. Having a detailed photoshoot list also allows for a way to share the kind of photos you need from other team members. It makes sure that everyone is on the same page. Since you can't be everywhere, if you can make sure that your team takes some of the photos based on the list, you build a large database of different types of media.
  2. Where to place your phone number & social proof - We've found that placing your phone number and social proof in the right place can have a major impact on conversion. This is a simple but often overlooked conversion tactic.
  3. A simple trick to convert your visitors that don't call on the first visit - More than 70% of your visitors don't call. We will share a simple strategy for keeping in front of those buyers and double the chance of getting the call.

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