2023 Growth Plan For Moving Companies

Digital Marketing for Moving Businesses – Show Notes Summary:

1. Importance of Organic Search:

  • Organic leads from SEO provide the lowest cost and highest close rate compared to other online lead sources.
  • With a $3,000 investment, an average cost of $9 per lead was achieved.
  • While organic search takes time to mature (possibly 6-12 months), it’s more persistent than paid search, which stops when you stop paying.
  • Regular updates to your website are necessary to keep up with Google’s changing algorithms.

2. Key Aspects of Effective Web Design:

  • Clear content and structure (H1, H2 tags) are essential.
  • Engaging and relevant visual elements like images of items being moved (beds, dressers, couches).
  • Separate pages for each service, like home movers and storage service, boost user experience.

3. Off-Page SEO:

  • Ensure a claimed and optimized Google Business Profile.
  • Build citations across platforms (Better Business Bureau, Yelp, Yellow Pages).
  • Garner online reviews and authoritative backlinks related to your industry.
  • Press releases should be strategically posted on platforms like Reddit, Quora, and Twitter.

4. The Role of Google Maps:

  • Google Maps listings are crucial as they account for about 45% of all clicks.
  • Multiple real-life examples showed significant website clicks sourced from Google Maps.

5. Paid Marketing Strategies:

  • Google offers Local Service Ads (LSAs) and regular paid ads.
  • For LSAs, prerequisites like insurance proof and a minimum of five Google reviews are needed.
  • Besides Google, consider ads on Angie’s List, Yelp, Yellow Pages, and Facebook.
  • A hypothetical scenario highlighted the potential ROI, showcasing the profitability of paid campaigns when managed correctly.

6. Common PPC Pitfalls:

  • Merging multiple services into one ad group.
  • Not directing users to specific landing pages matching their searches.
  • Lack of compelling calls to action.
  • Not leveraging ad extensions, which can include reviews, service offers, or quote requests.

7. Building a Robust Digital Foundation:

  • A balanced approach includes a mix of SEO, map listings, paid ads, social media, online directories, and paid lead services.
  • Recognize where your audience spends time online and target platforms accordingly, with considerations for different generational preferences.

In essence, the show discussed the nuances of digital marketing for moving businesses, emphasizing the synergy of organic SEO, paid ads, and understanding platform and audience-specific behaviors to optimize marketing efforts.

Christina Hawkins is a seasoned digital marketing expert with over 25 years of experience in the field. Throughout her career, she has honed her skills in various digital marketing strategies and has worked with clients nationwide, including home-based service contractors and moving companies.

In addition to her marketing expertise, Christina also has a unique background in logistics, having spent 10 years as a Department of Defense logistician. As the wife of a US Marine Corps veteran and daughter of a US Air Force serviceman, Christina has a deep understanding of the military lifestyle and the challenges it can bring when moving from base to base.

In her current role as a fractional CMO and strategist, Christina continues to help businesses grow and succeed in the digital space. She is also gearing up to release her upcoming book, "The Complete Guide to Internet Marketing for Movers," which promises to be an invaluable resource for moving companies looking to expand their online presence.

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